Andrew Bogard (ndrwbgrd) is a dedicated and ambitious creative pursuing a lifelong career in graphic design and visual exploration. Currently at the Walker Art Center.

Résumé ︎︎︎


The responsive microsite In the Time of Covid provides remembrance, acting as a capsule of stories, experiences, and feelings from around the United States and beyond during a brief span of five days in May 2020 at the height of lockdowns and the international COVID-19 pandemic. In the form of letters, contributors shared introspective messages of Love, Life, and Loss to capture the immeasurable feelings of uncertainty and hope in a time of unparalleled social change. With reference to the title of Gabriel García Márquez’s beautiful book  Love in the Time of Cholera, this website is a glimpse into a sliver of unprecedented life and the humanity that was able to endure. Coded in HTML, CSS, and jQuery, In the Time of Covid-19 follows a structured type system for consistency and legibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.