Andrew Bogard (ndrwbgrd) is a dedicated and ambitious creative pursuing a lifelong career in graphic design and visual exploration. Currently at the Walker Art Center.

Résumé ︎︎︎



Weight of Wind

Photography / Editing
Canon Rebel T7i

Weight of Wind visually documents my experience studying abroad for Typographic Design in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. As a collection of disparate moments, these selected photos capture the beauty and meditative impermanence of the everyday.

Website / Editorial Design / Photography
Senior Thesis

Singularity disrupts established (western) social binaries of identity through experimental zines. In the form of an online nonlinear archive and respective physical publications, Singularity acts as a catalyst for introspection and exploration. All media (unless otherwise stated) is self-created.

Branding / Digital / Print
&Walsh Case Study
&Walsh Team and the Google Events & Experiences Team

Google I/O connects developers from around the world for thoughtful discussions, insights from Google experts, and a first look at the latest developer products. In collaboration with the Google Events & Experiences team we created a bespoke identity that could live on location, stage, digitally, and printed materials.


Ad Infinitum

Infographic / Poster
German Etching
18 × 24 in

Ad Infinitum (Autoportrait) expounds 22 years of memory with a visual contrast of stark order and dynamic rhythm to reveal a reconstructed, brief personal history. Shifting compositional elements―including timelines, intensity ranges, supporting graphs, and sexuality icons―allude to musical notation and life’s persistent yet everchanging course. This infographic exemplifies a refined and thoughtful design approach with purposeful visual restraint.


Akira Title Sequence

Adobe After Effects
Music: Doug Maxwell

Akira Title Sequence Concept distills the intense speed, fluorescence, and raw volatility of a dystopian future in the revolutionary, 1988 Japanese animated cyberpunk film by Katsuhiro Otomo. With driving force, this title sequence serves as a menacing prelude and homage to an iconic film and its cautious view of an unpredictable future. Precise sequencing and complex layers of 3D physics in Adobe After Effects create a flowing rush of dynamism, reminiscent of light trails and airborne particles.


No. 9 Promotion 

Poster / Flyers
Apsire Petallics Pearl ︎︎︎ Gray 
11 × 17 ︎︎︎ 3.5 × 5.5 in

No. 9 Promotion advertised meeting information for the UW-Stout photography, fashion, art, and design magazine Forward. Inspired by modern chrome aesthetics and visual obstruction, the design circulated on digital and physical signage, including posters and pearlescent flyers.