Andrew Bogard (ndrwbgrd) is a dedicated and ambitious creative pursuing a lifelong career in graphic design and visual exploration. Currently at the Walker Art Center.

Résumé ︎︎︎



Weight of Wind

Photography / Editing
Canon Rebel T7i

Weight of Wind visually documents my experience studying abroad for Typographic Design in Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. As a collection of disparate moments, these selected photos capture the beauty and meditative impermanence of the everyday.


Website / Editorial Design / Photography
Senior Thesis

Singularity disrupts established (western) social binaries of identity through experimental zines. In the form of an online nonlinear archive and respective physical publications, Singularity acts as a catalyst for introspection and exploration. All media (unless otherwise stated) is self-created. 



Ad Infinitum

Infographic / Poster
German Etching
18 × 24 in

Ad Infinitum (Autoportrait) expounds 22 years of memory with a visual contrast of stark order and dynamic rhythm to reveal a reconstructed, brief personal history. Shifting compositional elements―including timelines, intensity ranges, supporting graphs, and sexuality icons―allude to musical notation and life’s persistent yet everchanging course. This infographic exemplifies a refined and thoughtful design approach with purposeful visual restraint.



Akira Title Sequence

Adobe After Effects
Music: Doug Maxwell

Akira Title Sequence Concept distills the intense speed, fluorescence, and raw volatility of a dystopian future in the revolutionary, 1988 Japanese animated cyberpunk film by Katsuhiro Otomo. With driving force, this title sequence serves as a menacing prelude and homage to an iconic film and its cautious view of an unpredictable future. Precise sequencing and complex layers of 3D physics in Adobe After Effects create a flowing rush of dynamism, reminiscent of light trails and airborne particles.



No. 9 Promotion 

Poster / Flyers
Apsire Petallics Pearl ︎︎︎ Gray 
11 × 17 ︎︎︎ 3.5 × 5.5 in

No. 9 Promotion advertised meeting information for the UW-Stout photography, fashion, art, and design magazine Forward. Inspired by modern chrome aesthetics and visual obstruction, the design circulated on digital and physical signage, including posters and pearlescent flyers. 



The responsive microsite In the Time of Covid provides remembrance, acting as a capsule of stories, experiences, and feelings from around the United States and beyond during a brief span of five days in May 2020 at the height of lockdowns and the international COVID-19 pandemic. In the form of letters, contributors shared introspective messages of Love, Life, and Loss to capture the immeasurable feelings of uncertainty and hope in a time of unparalleled social change. With reference to the title of Gabriel García Márquez’s beautiful book  Love in the Time of Cholera, this website is a glimpse into a sliver of unprecedented life and the humanity that was able to endure. Coded in HTML, CSS, and jQuery, In the Time of Covid-19 follows a structured type system for consistency and legibility across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.